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  • Available in 236ml, 473ml, 946ml and 3780ml (Coarse, Hard, Light and Regular)
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Golden Molding Paste can be used to achieve a variety of effects and textures. When used in conjunction with acrylic colors they broaden working properties and expand creative possibilities. Unlike gels, pastes are opaque because they contain Marble Dust or other fillers that create a white or clay-tone finish with a variety of textures and properties.

Molding Paste can also be used to create foundations for painting either to create texture over a smoother surface, or to smooth out a textured surface. The absorbent qualities of Molding Paste make it suitable as a ground for nearly every painting and drawing media.

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Product Code P-GOLDENMPM
To Use With Acrylic
Quality Highest
AU Stocked Range Yes
Quantity : Pack Single
Mediums : Viscosity Thick
Mediums : Transparency Opaque


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