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Made to the highest specifications, these professional quality acrylics follow traditional methods to bring out the best qualities and character of each colour.

  • 42 colours available in 60ml and 200ml
  • Professional quality
  • Pigment, acrylic resin
  • Maximum purity and colour strength
  • Made in Spain
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Jackson’s Professional Acrylic Paints offer the highest grade of permanence and lightfastness. Made following traditional methods using pure pigments in a dispersion of 100% acrylic resin, most of the colours in the range have been formulated with only one pigment, resulting in maximum purity and colour strength.

The heavy body consistency of Jackson’s Professional Acrylic Paints make them ideal for all techniques, from fine brushwork to heavy impasto. They dry rapidly to a matt finish and have great flexibility.

The range of colours consists of cadmiums and cobalts, organic pigments, natural earth colours, and synthetic iron oxides. Each colour has been developed individually to reveal the qualities of each pigment. Alter the transparency, consistency, and drying time of these colours with a range of acrylic mediums - available here.

42 colours available in 60ml and 200ml.


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