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The Old Holland New Masters Introductory Set is a beautiful gift for any serious painter. It contains six 60ml tubes, which is their standard size tube, which tends to be a lot more useful than a set comprising of a number of very small size tubes as they will not run out after just a single painting session. The palette in the set comprises of a yellow, two reds and a blue, as well as white and black. The particular yellow reds and blue have been selected for their colour mixing ability - with this palette one can easily achieve harmonious colour mixes, without muddiness. Here is a brief guide to the colours in the set:

Contents Include:

6 x 60ml New Master Acrylic Tubes

1 x Titanium White - The most popular white in acrylic and oil painting because it is neither overtly warm or cool, and is opaque, and therefore ideal for highlights and making strong, light colours when mixing with other pigments.

1 x Azo Yellow Light - A bright, primary yellow, similar in appearance when squeezed out of the tube to Cadmium Yellow. The difference between the two yellows is that Azo Yellow Light is semi-transparent, so maintains colour strength without overpowering other pigments when colour mixing.

1 x Napthol Vermilion - A synthetic Vermilion which is extremely lightfast unlike some other natural pigmented vermilions. Vermilion is a orange-bright red and is semi-transparent.

1 x Quincridone Fuschia - A pinky-red, and is semi-opaque, which means it has a little more influence over other colours when mixing that then Napthol Vermilion.

1 x Phthalo Blue - A green shade blue, making it quite cool and primary. It is semi transparent.

1x Ivory Black Lake - An opaque black, but it is less black than carbon black. It has a slightly brown tinge to it then it is thinned out.


Product CodeAH6SET
To Use WithAcrylic
Size60 ml
VeganNon Vegan
Sets & PacksSet
Country of ManufactureNetherlands
TransparencyRefer to single colours
Colour LightfastRefer to single colours
Weight (kg)0.538000


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