Old Holland : New Masters Classic Acrylic Paint


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  • 100+ colours available in 60ml, 42 colours available in 250ml
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Old Holland New Masters contain excellent quality pigments and a 100% pure acrylic medium, ensuring the paints have body and texture comparable to Old Holland's Classic oil paint. The result of the high pigment content and the patented binding system is that each colour displays the unique characteristics of the individual pigment. The paint dries to a satin gloss and can be used in a wide range of techniques, from thick impasto to ultra-thin glazing.

Many pigments, such as Genuine Manganese Blue, are unique to the New Masters range. In addition, the traditional alizarins were replaced by more lightfast anthraquinonoids and various pigments which are completely new to Old Holland were introduced; bismuth yellow and DPP reds and oranges as modern alternatives to the traditional cadmium pigments; quinacridone scarlet, orange and various new magentas, to name but a few.

New Masters Classic Acrylics consist of opaque and transparent lightfast colours, free of any kind of additives and filler, with a maximum possible pigment content and a minimum colour shift. Responding to the current demand, Old Holland added an extensive selection of metallic, pearlescent, iridescent and interference colours, based on the same acrylic resin, and they demonstrate the same excellent lightfastness.


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