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Aquarius is a range of mostly single pigment paints made by Roman Szmal. The range features mostly single pigmented colours - 117 out of 140 colours are monopigment paints. Such a wide range of single pigment paints ensures clean mixing and lets artists create their own colour palettes.

The range contains a few unique tones such as PY61, PY168, PV37, PBr23 or PBk8. The 34 Earth Shades are made from natural earths, not synthetic iron oxides, and these unusual pigments are found in many different places around the world. Some unique shades are created exclusively by Roman Szmal, such as Aquarius Green, Przybysz's Grey, Ocean Blue, Shadow Violet, Green Gold and Olive Green.

Colours are made in small batches that allows them to be carefully checked. Every batch is tested for performance qualities: vibrancy, flowing abilities, viscosity, colour value, transparency, granulation, undertone, tinting strength, clarity and particle size. For each colour, Roman Szmal select the perfect grind to match the particle size.

Each colour is made with high-quality gum arabic and glycerin, linden honey, distilled water and pure pigments. Every pan is hand filled and labelled with watercolour paper.


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