Handover : Genuine Silver Leaf


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  • Available in Loose or Transfer Leaf


Handover Genuine Silver Leaf are worked for ten hours in five phases to transform them from a silver ingot form to leaves tenths of microns thick.

This leaf booklet contains 25 silver leaves measuring 95x95mm.

One book of silver will cover an area of 0.23m² without waste or overlap. (The amount of waste can be determined by the gilder’s own level of expertise and will depend on the complexity of the surface being gilded.) The higher the silver content of a leaf the more durable it will be. For outdoor work it is advisable to only gild using leaf that 23ct or higher to avoid tarnishing.

The silver leaves that are contained in the transfer booklet are held on tissue paper and are laid out in pages. This product is especially suited for gilding ceilings or outdoor surfaces.

There is an option to press the transfer leaf in your basket




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