Blue Earth

Offering an impressive colour selection, Blue Earth use only lightfast, high density mineral pigments in the manufacture of their soft pastels. The pastels are almost square in shape and are on the very soft end of the hardness scale.



Soft Pastels

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Lustrous and versatile, oil paint is made using finely ground pigment particles suspended in drying oils. Choose from over 2,000 variations of colours.

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For reliability and versatility, it’s hard to beat acrylic - no other paint offers as much variety of texture, viscosity, or room for customisation. 

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Fine pigment suspended in a binder, which can be thinned with water. Watercolour dries quickly and is easy to apply using various techniques.

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Painting with pastel is the closest thing to painting with pure pigment. Pastels come as oil pastels, soft pastels and hard pastels.

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