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Moulin du Roy is a 100% cotton French watercolour paper. Produced on a traditional cylinder mould machine, this paper has the look and feel of a handmade paper. Both absorbent and strong, Moulin du Roy has internal and surface sizing permit the lifting of dried colour and the reworking of watercolour. Canson Moulin du Roy watercolour paper is naturally white, acid free and made entirely without bleaching agents, for an optimal conservation over time.

The Hot Press surface has a smooth texture that is particularly suited for portraits or other detailed works.The Cold Press surface is neither too smooth nor too grainy making it easy to handle.The Rough grain surface requires greater expertise, but is ideal for doing landscapes or creating special effects.

Please note: Moulin Du Roy is now produced at St Cuthberts' Mill - the paper is the same as the old formulation, just without a deckle edge or watermark.


AU Stocked Range Yes
Quality Highest
To Use With Watercolour
Vegan Vegan
Surface : Colour White
Paper : Format Sheets


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