AV : Artist Acrylic Paint

94 colours available in 60 ml and 85 colours available in 200 ml and 86 colours available in 500 ml

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Acrylic Artist Color contains one of the widest ranges of pure pigments available for fine arts, in a dispersion of 100 per cent acrylic resin. The colors offer the highest grade of permanence and lightfastness. 

Following traditional methods, most of the colours in the range have been formulated with only one pigment, resulting in maximum purity and colour strength and giving the artist complete control over his material in mixtures and compositions. Pigments are identified on the label and in the colourchart. 

If the nature of a colour requires a formulation of more than one pigment, this is clearly indicated.

The range of colours consists of cadmiums and cobalts, organic pigments, natural earth colors and synthetic iron oxides, opaque or transparent, depending on their nature. Each formula has been developed individually to bring forth the most specific qualities of each pigment. Included in the range are two Titanium Whites, Rutile for its whiteness and opacity, and Anatase for its quality in mixtures and achieving pastel tones. 

The heavy body consistency of Acrylic Artist Color permits all techniques, from finest brush stroke to heaviest impasto. Colors dry rapidly to a matte finish with great flexibility.

Jacksons sells a wide range of mediums by both Acrylicos Vallejo and Golden, and all mediums can be mixed with AV Artist Acrylic paints.

Vallejo was one of the first manufacturers of acrylic colours for artists in Europe. Our formulas and production technology were aquired in the U.S.A. For the last 30 years we have evolved along with the advances in the chemical industry and incorporated new technologies into our system.

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Brand Acrylicos Vallejo
Sub Brand AV : Artists
To use with Acrylic
Quality Excellent

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