Acrylic Gouache- Holbein

Acrylic gouache is a fluid, matt acrylic paint. It is not rewettable, dries to a smooth velvety matt finish, and is fast drying. Specialist colours available including metallic, luminescent, and iridescent shades.

A Guide to Gouache

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Holbein : Acrylic Gouache Paint

100+ colours available in 20ml and 40ml
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Holbein : Acrylic Gouache : 20ml : Set of 102
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What is the difference between acrylic paint, acrylic gouache, and traditional gouache?

Acrylic paint, acrylic gouache, and traditional gouache each have unique properties. Acrylic paint is versatile and fast-drying, often leaving a glossy finish. Acrylic gouache combines features of acrylic paint and traditional gouache, providing the matt finish of gouache while remaining waterproof once dry. Traditional gouache, on the other hand, offers a smooth, matt finish and can be reactivated with water, like watercolour. The primary differences lie in finish, water resistance, and reactivation potential.

A Guide to Gouache