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Jackson’s Bespoke Frame Builder is a self-assembly frame system that has been developed for artists and art enthusiasts as a cost-effective alternative to buying expensive ready-made or ready-assembled custom built frames. We offer a carefully selected and extensive choice of mouldings in a range of finishes which we cut and mitre in our workshop to suit the dimensions of your artwork. 


Please note that bespoke frames will take approximately eight days to produce, so please add this to your regular delivery times.

To avoid unnecessary delays with any other art supplies you wish to purchase, we advise that these be ordered separately.


How it works?

Our online Bespoke Frame Builder allows you to build your own frame in a few easy steps. 

Firstly, measure the dimensions of your artwork in either centimetres or inches. If you are measuring in inches please convert to cm. We can cut to the nearest 0.1 cm. 

Secondly, if you are ordering a canvas or panel frame and require a gap between your artwork and the inside edge of the frame, please add the required distance onto your artwork twice. For example, for a 20 x 40 cm artwork with a required gap of 0.5 cm, you would need to order a 21 x 41 cm frame.

Further help on measuring up your artwork can be found in Section 2 of the Frame Builder using the link, ‘How to Measure Your Artwork’.

Thirdly, choose your preferred frame moulding by clicking on the desired frame image. You can also download your artwork and preview it in a frame you are considering, using the ‘Render Preview’ option.

Finally, you can choose from the accessories on offer related to the moulding you have chosen. These include mounts, backing, glazing, and hardware.


Bespoke Frame Builder | Jackson's ArtBespoke Frame Builder | Jackson's Art


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When you unpack your frame you will receive it in four lengths of moulding cut to size, as well as a pack of dovetails and the accessories you may have chosen.

To construct your frame, you will need a flat, smooth and clean surface, PVA glue, and a small hammer. If you are using glue you will also require a damp cloth.

Arrange your frame on your work surface face-down.

Apply a thin layer of glue on the end of one of the frame pieces. Line it up with a corresponding piece, making sure the outer edge of the corner is aligned and sits flush.

Whilst clamping the corner joint tightly in one hand, use a small hammer to simply tap the dovetails into the corresponding slots. Make sure you are using the correct length dovetail for the depth of the hole. If there is more than one dovetail slot in the joint firstly knock in the dovetail closest to the outer edge. 

Repeat on all four corners. If there is more than one dovetail in each corner go back around your frame knocking in the remaining dovetails. (Some mouldings might need supporting whilst you knock in these inner dovetails.)

When you have inserted the dovetails make sure the front face of each joint is level.

With a damp cloth, wipe off any excess glue that might have come out of the joins. Leave for the glue to set.

Some frames are ready-finished, but some are unfinished for you to add your own wood finish such as painted colour, gold leaf, varnish, wax, or spray paint. In some cases, you will need to do this to the bars before you assemble them. In other cases, you would colour them after you have assembled them.

Assemble the remaining components of your frame.


There are different options for fixing your artwork into your frame.

Counter-sunk holes can be drilled into the bottom of your canvas frame. The canvas can then be screwed into the frame from underneath. Make sure the screws aren’t too long.

Flexi Plates are a versatile choice and work for most stretched canvas situations. Double-sided Tape works well for affixing panels.

The Dual Point Driver or Glazier Points work well for inserting points into the rear of the frame to fix works on paper that have glass or acrylic at the front and a backing board at the back.

For extra protection, you can seal your frame by taping the back with moisture-resistant Framers Tape.

Bespoke Frame Builder | Jackson's ArtBespoke Frame Builder | Jackson's Art