Jackson's Art Reviews

Jackson's Art Reviews  

Like most businesses, we collect reviews from our customers. Typically, the reviews fall into two groups:

  • Service reviews are about our business as a whole, including how easy it is to use our website, the speed of delivery, post-purchase experience, and our eco efforts.
  • Product reviews are about the quality of the products we sell on our website.

Jackson’s Art Service Reviews

We collect service reviews in partnership with third party reviews providers to ensure fairness and transparency. This ensures that any positive or negative reviews are genuine and come from our actual customers.

We also invite feedback from customers who shop at our retail shops.

Jackson’s Art Product Reviews

We ask our customers to review the products they’ve bought from us separately. These reviews are then displayed on relevant product pages on our website. This helps other customers understand the specificities of products that otherwise might not have been covered by the product description.

We also use product reviews to improve our product descriptions to the benefit of our customers.

We understand that this takes time and for product review publication we offer a token gift of 25 Reward Points which can be redeemed on our website.

The product reviews that are submitted by our customers are moderated by us for any inappropriate language. We reserve the right not to publish product reviews that are not from genuine customers, or contain inappropriate language.

We always strive to publish any review, whether negative or positive, and submit any comments when necessary.