Biyomap : Biyosafe Foam Corner Protectors

Biyomap : Biyosafe Foam Corner Protectors

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Biyomap’s artwork packaging is safe, reusable and time saving. Biyomap is the ideal choice for eco-friendly and thrifty artists.

Biyomap Reusable Artwork Shipping and Storage Bags eliminate the need for environmentally harmful plastic bubble wrap and are reusable (saving money and contributing towards waste reduction). Biyomap products come with a green label denoting the fact that they are made of 50% recycled material and can, in turn, be entirely recycled. The bags provide space saving, dust-free protection for both studio storage and transport. Packing and unpacking canvases is simple with Biyomap bags, as they each come with a velcro-flap opening. Attached to the outside of each Biyomap bag is a transparent A4 folder for holding valuable information and for speedy artwork identification. Biyomap bags are made from a water-resistant, scratchproof, breathable, acid-free material.

The ten different sizes of Biyomap shipping and storage bags can easily be distinguished their coloured borders, which are visible even when folded. The sizes listed are actual measurements of the bags, so when choosing your size you will need to allow extra space for the depth of your artwork and any foam edges.

Biyomap Biyosafe Foam Corner Protectors are ‘L’-shaped and fit snugly onto the corners of canvases and other framed artworks cushioning them against damage in transit. Unlike standard edge protection strips, Biyomap Biyosafe Foam Corner Protectors do not require time consuming cutting to create a foam right-angled shape. These corner protectors are reusable and can be used in conjunction with Biyomap Shipping and Storage Bags. Biyomap Edge and Corner Protectors come in three different sizes (45 x 60mm, 35 x 45mm and 25 x 35mm).

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