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80 colours available in 5 ml, 15 ml & Half Pan

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    Quality watercolour made in England, and at these prices they are excellent value for money!

    Daler Rowney Artists’ Watercolour is a professional quality watercolour. Based on the finest modern and traditional pigments, it is precisely formulated to offer great performance and permanence. Choose from an extended range of colours, designed to create washes of pure transparent colour without hard edges.

    Tinting strength:

    Artists’ Watercolours are formulated to maximise the varying tint strengths of different pigments.

    Black & White:

    Watercolourists can choose to mix their own dark tones and blacks, or use ready-mixed blacks. Ivory Black is the most widely used. On its own, it’s a velvety black with warm brown undertones. Lamp Black is a cooler colour, with blue undertones, which is more opaque than Ivory Black. Both may be mixed with other colours to create darker shades. Chinese White is a traditional white used for highlighting and mixing pale pastel tints. Titanium White is a newer, more opaque pigment with greater tinting strength. All transparent colours become opaque when mixed with Chinese White or Titanium White.

    Daler Rowney - Watercolour Washes Lesson | Jackson's Art Supplies

    Daler Rowney Artist's Watercolour - Jackson's Art Supplies

    To use with Watercolour
    Quality Excellent

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