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86 colours available in 11 ml

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Golden Artist Colours has collaborated with artists to make the highest quality professional art materials. That collaborative process has produced a new, thoroughly modern watercolour called QoR [pronounced 'core']. QoR retains the best qualities of traditional watercolours, while expanding the range and versatility of each colour. QoR's exclusive binder (Aquazol) provides a greater density of colour than conventional watercolours, offering vivid depth of colour with every brushstroke.

The unique QoR formula gives vibrant, intense colours that stay brilliant even after they dry. It provides the subtlety, transparency and flow of a great watercolour, with colours that have as much vibrancy and fire as those of acrylic or oil paint.

QoR offers a greater resistance to cracking and flaking than other watercolours. It also exhibits excellent re-solubility in water and glazing qualities. The range includes 83 high-intensity colours, three of which are iridescent.

The addition of QoR Mediums and Grounds can increase gloss, improve flow or wetting, and provide different textured surfaces, to expand the creative opportunities of watercolour painting.

Please Note: Whilst a number of the watercolours listed in the QoR Pigment Information Sheet are displayed as 'non-ASTM tested' for lightfastness, Golden have every confidence in their durability. This confidence comes from the company's own initial testing and the fact that the same pigments are used in Golden oils and acrylics. The ASTM specify a strict regimen of testing, which includes both prolonged outdoor exposure and accelerated indoor testing. This process is a lengthy one and the results take may years to be collected. Golden have not included their own proprietary permanence ratings as ASTM ratings are an industry accepted standard.

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