Jackson's : Black Hog Brushes : Series 333 / 334 / 335

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These Jackson's Black Hog Bristle brushes are truly beautiful. Similar in look to the black sable but with slightly stiffer hair and considerably less expensive. These natural hair brushes have the softness, touch, spring and control of a top quality brush. Interlocked hair, silver-coloured ferrule and matt black handle.

To use with Oil, Acrylic
Brush : Hair Type Extra Hog Black
Brush : Stiffness Very Stiff
Quality Exceptional
Vegan No
Brush : Hair Type Hog
Brush : Handle Long
Review by Harry
A while ago I bought the No.2 round for oil. I've since given it a lot of hard use, and it's still working well, though it's completely lost the fineness of the point. Now I find it is excellent for scumbling, as the softness of the bristle leaves almost nothing in the way of marks. Superb value for mine, well constructed, wouldn't want to go without one now. (Posted on 08/03/2016)

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