Jackson's : Professional Oil Paint

Jackson's : Professional Oil Paint

37 colours available in 40 ml & 225 ml

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      Jackson’s Professional Oil paints are made by skilled artisans using the finest grade pigments and the purest refined oils we can source. You will find our paints are luminous, vibrant, and full of character.

      Lower quality oil paints tend to be formulated and manufactured to ensure all colours have a uniform consistency and drying time. Our range of Professional colours is made with a ‘lighter touch’ so the natural beauty and character of the each pigment is preserved and revealed.

      We never use extenders or fillers so that we can maintain optimum colour strength and lightfastness. We do make room for a very small proportion of metallic stearate in some colours which allows us to condition our paints for longevity without compromising performance or masking the inherent individuality of the pigments.

      After mixing, the pigments and oils are passed through water-cooled mills – made of stone or steel, according to pigment type. We grind our colours as many times as needed to release the full ‘colour value’ and ensure a smooth, homogenous oil paint. Some, like Ultramarine need only gentle milling whereas coarser, earth pigments can require more lengthy processing on the mill with several passes to achieve optimum dispersion.

      Some colours benefit from a period of further standing to promote the development of the product. Quality checks are carried out at each stage of production.

      We don’t as a rule use drying modifiers to even out drying times and so you will find some variation across the range reflecting the natural drying characteristics of each pigment.

      For your reference, the drying times of thinner layers and glazes will be touch dry in most cases in a few days and colours will take up to 2 weeks for the slower drying colours. Thicker layers will take longer.

      Slower Driers – Yellow Lakes (Azo Yellow), Violet Dioxazine, Cerulean Blue, Quinacridone Magenta, Alizarin Cimson, Napthol Vermillion , Indian Yellow Hue , Titanium and Zinc Whites

      Medium Driers – Phthalo Green, Blue Oxide of Chrome, Terre Verte, Ultramarine Blue, Ivory Black Cadmiums ( Genuine)

      Faster Driers – Prussian Blue Raw Umber Raw Sienna Burnt Umber Burnt Sienna Cobalt Blue Yellow Ochre

      We currently offer three whites Titanium White (Linseed), Titanium White (Safflower), and Zinc White.

      Titanium White (Linseed) and Titanium White (Safflower). These are the most opaque of our whites and offer the most covering power. Our Linseed Oil version is suitable for underpainting as well as for mixing and general use. Safflower Oil can reduce the tendency of linseed oils to yellow but it dries more slowly and shrinks a little. Titanium White Safflower oil is not formulated for under painting but is good for general mixing.

      Our Zinc White has a colder hue with less covering power and more transparency than the Titanium white. It is particularly suited for mixing with cooler colours and works well in glazes and scumbling. It’s more subtle nature lends itself well for general mixing without over-powering other colours.

      Look out for our unbleached Titanium White and our ‘non toxic' alternative to Lead Based White as we continue to develop our pallet of colours.

      The intense colour saturation and colour purity is achieved by high pigment loading coupled with our traditional and bespoke production process. Our work to reach optimum dispersion on our specialist traditional triple-roll mills ensures our colours achieve the maximum resistance to light and the elements that are possible for each colour and the majority are rated ASTM 1 (Excellent).

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