Liquitex : Acrylic Spray Paint

Liquitex : Acrylic Spray Paint

100 colours available in 400 ml

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      Liquitex Professional Spray Paint is a stunning innovation developed for professional artists. Combining artist grade pigments with revolutionary water-based technology, Liquitex Professional Spray Paint offers colour brilliance, lightfastness and durability in a unique low odour formulation.

      • Lightfast

      • Water-Based Technology

      • Low Odour

      • Durable and Permanent

      • Colour Brilliance

      • Matches Liquitex Colour Spectrum

      • Professional Quality

      • Versatile

      • For Use on Multiple Surfaces


      • Large-scale artwork

      • Intermixing with acrylics

      • Outdoor and Indoor murals

      • Underpainting

      • Stenciling

      • Mixed Media

      Professional Level Paint
      Spectrum: 100 Colors
      Properties: Highly Pigmented, Water-based Technology
      Finish: Matte
      Caps: Standard cap ideal for detail work or filling in; skinny caps and fat caps also available
      Size: 400ml

      Low Odor

      Using innovative water-based technology, Liquitex Professional Spray Paint has the unique benefit of being low odour and does not carry the skin or eye irritant warnings associated with other spray paints.

      Liquitex Professional Spray Paint can be cleaned up with water when wet (permanent when dry), making it ideal for both indoor commissions and for use within an educational environment.

      Durable & Permanent

      Liquitex Professional Spray Paint provides the same vibrancy, permanence and performance that Liquitex is known for, while delivering the high coverage and opacity demanded of spray paint. Liquitex Professional Spray Paint is rated to lightfastness I or II* and is formulated using the same artist grade pigments found in other Liquitex Professional ranges.

      Unique water-based technology provides the ability to clean up with water when wet but is permanent and weather-proof when dry making it ideal for interior and exterior use.Versatile enough for almost any substrate, Liquitex Professional Spray Paint is suitable for use on canvas, wood, masonry and even glass.

      *except the fluorescents

      Intermixes with Liquitex Acrylics

      Liquitex Professional Spray Paint can be used on its own and with other Liquitex ranges including acrylics, mediums and varnishes for maximum versatility. Experiment working wet on wet with Liquitex Heavy Body and Soft Body, or use Liquitex Professional Spray Paint as a foundation for your artwork.

      Create a variety of effects using Liquitex mediums and ensure the artwork will stand the test of time by using a Liquitex Varnish to finish.

      Colour Brilliance

      With an extensive spectrum of 100 colors including transparents, iridescents and fluorescents, Liquitex Professional Spray Paint is formulated using artist grade pigments to ensure the cleanest and most brilliant colours possible.
      50 colours are matched to the core Liquitex Heavy Body and Soft Body colors with additional hues added for a comprehensive color system.

      Unlike traditional acrylic paint, which can be mixed on a palette to achieve a desired shade, sprays are usually applied directly onto surfaces so black and white have been added to selected Liquitex colours to create a complete tonal range. The scale on the back of each can identifies the composition of each colour within this spectrum.

      Please note that we are unable to ship aerosols by air. Some European destinations are available by road but the order may incur an additional shipping charge.

      New Liquitex Professional Spray Paint

      To use with Acrylic
      Quality Excellent
      Hazardous Type Flammable, Aerosol

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