Princeton : Neptune Faux Squirrel Brushes : Series 4750

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Princeton, who over twenty years ago created a synthetic version of the sable brush, have created synthetic squirrel bush. Princeton’s synthetic squirrel brushes, like their synthetic sable cousins, were designed to surpass their natural counterparts. Princeton’s Neptune™ brushes hold colour excellently and come in a large range of shapes, including mottlers and quills. Most of the Neptune™ squirrel brushes have traditional solid wood watercolour handles, except the wash brushes, which are made of the beautiful sea glass that is the signature of the Princeton aquarelle brush line.

To use with Watercolour, Gouache, Ink
Brush : Hair Type Extra Synthetic Squirrel
Brush : Stiffness Very Soft
Brush : Technique General
Brush Series 4750
Quality Excellent
Vegan Yes
Brush : Hair Type Synthetic
Brush : Handle Short

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