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    35 colours have been added to the HORADAM®WATERCOLOUR  range to mark the centenary of the death of Josef Horadam, one of the founders of Schmincke & Co. The expanded range now includes 140 colours.

    In order to achieve the highest standard regarding lightfastness, resolubility and stability, Schmincke use the best raw materials available. There is no compromise in quality - the highest standards of artists' pigments allow the highest level of lightfastness.

    Schmincke's water-colour binding medium is Kordofan Gum Arabic from the Sahara region, due to it differing from year to year it is tested and the best of the batch is selected to used with their pigments.

    They use an optimal amount of oxgall to avoid undesired coloured formations and undissolved pigment, allowing the perfect flow of colour. 

    Another quality of Schmincke's Horadam watercolours is their re-usability. You will find the same formulation in both their tubes and pans, which means that paint which has dried onto your palette can be easily re-wetted and painted with again.

    To use with Watercolour
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