Schmincke : Mussini Oil Mediums

Schmincke : Mussini Oil Mediums

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The use of Schmincke oil painting mediums and additives will expand the spectrum of techniques you can use with your oil colours, as well as giving you more influence over the consistency, drying time or level of gloss of your paints.

Schmincke : Mussini Medium 1 : Thinning Oil Medium

Schmincke Mussini Medium 1 is a thinning medium. This medium is ideal for use on lean/low-fat paintings. It is recommended for use when creating thin grounds. This medium is made from safflower oil dissolved in mineral spirits, which retains the film integrity and lustre of the oil colour. The product thins paint with minimal effect on drying time and gloss.

Contains: Safflower oil, natural/synthetic resin, and mineral spirit

Schmincke : Mussini Medium 2 : Slow Dry Oil Medium 60ml
Schmincke Mussini Oil Medium 2 is a slow drying medium. It reduces the drying speed of the paint and allows for an extended working period. This oil rich medium is suitable for wet-in-wet painting and blending techniques. The high content of oil and resin in the medium improves the gloss of the paint. It dries to a smooth elastic film.

Contains: Sunflower oil, stand oil, mineral spirit, ketone resin

Schmincke : Mussini Medium 3 : Fast Dry Gloss Medium

Schmincke Mussini Oil Medium 3 is a fast drying medium. The volatile solvent and siccatives in this medium cause rapid drying. The resin rich content increases gloss, depth effect and refraction and makes the colour layers more resistant.

Use sparingly to prevent excessive gloss. Close immediately after use.

Contains: Ketone and alkyd resin, mineral spirit, siccative.

Schmincke : Medium W : Makes Oil Paint Water Mixable

Schmincke’s Medium W allows oil colours to be mixed with water instead of with turpentine and linseed oil. Brushes and painting tools that have been used with Medium W mixed oils can be cleaned with soap and water. Medium W should be mixed with oil paints in a 1 part medium to 2 parts oil ratio using a palette knife or a spatula. Water can then be added to the mixture to thin the paint and, if necessary, more Medium W.

Medium W increases the gloss and transparency of paints and harmonises drying process. This odourless, low solvent additive will reduce the mess and smell of oil painting. When mixed with oils and water the alkyd resin in Medium W will undergo a shift in colour, however oils will be restored to their original brilliance and vibrancy on drying.

Contains alkyd resin.

Shake before use.

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