Sennelier : Abstract Acrylic Paint

Sennelier : Abstract Acrylic Paint

60 colours available in 120 ml and 1 colour available in 500 ml

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      Abstract by Sennelier is a high quality fine acrylic paint made in France, packaged in a flexible pouch.

      Fits comfortably into your hand so it’s much easier to use. The pouch is so strong that you can take it with you wherever you go and, unlike a tube, it can stand up to pressure even if you accidentally step on it! The paint is better preserved because air cannot get inside the pouch. You can use the paint completely: there is no waste and no air bubbles which may cause the paint to spill out. With abstract, there are no surprises when choosing a colour. There's no difference between the colour you can see from the outside of the pouch and the inside.

      Abstract is composed of 34 single pigment colours among the range's 60 shades. 36 satin finish colours, 12 high gloss colours, 6 iridescent colours and 6 fluorescent colours.

      Abstract is the result of three years of research and by the Sennelier expert lab team. It is a fine acrylic paint which meets all the stringent quality demands that are a guarantee of Sennelier paints: its pigment concentration –quite amazing for this segment of the market – gives it a creamy-to-thick consistency which we’ve called “Heavy Body”, along with incomparable covering power. The paste is a pleasure to handle with a brush, a palette knife or straight out of the soft pack . Its ease of application onto multiple surfaces makes it very popular with students, professional painters , street artists, and many more creative people.

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      Sennelier Abstract - Innovative Acrylic Colour

      To use with Acrylic
      Quality Good
      Review by somsoc
      I've been really impressed with the Sennelier Abstract line of paints in the six months or so I've been using them. They have fairly amazing thick consistency out of the pouch, and hold form and brush strokes well for impasto work.

      In terms of consistency, coverage and vibrancy they are much better than all the other so-called 'student' level paints I have tried. They don't really feel like student paints. I'm an amateur artist, so do not have decades of experience with pro paints, but in comparison to the more expensive paints, side by side, they hold up well. Perhaps only lacking in terms of what pigments they get to put in them, and coverage in some cases is slightly less - but in some cases I prefer them, either for value or or just some specific qualities of particular colours. (Posted on 31/05/2016)

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