Jackson's Art Supplies Social Responsibility Policy

Jackson's Art Supplies is committed to upholding its reputation as a fair and responsible company to do business with. We take seriously the welfare of our staff and are proud to have retained a manufacturing workforce within the U.K. The following Social Responsibility Policy has been approved by the Managing Director of Jackson's Art Supplies.

Our policy is to maintain:

  • Respect for employees. We treat our employees in a respectful, fair, non-exploitative way, especially with regard to the following: Paying the national living wage, compensation, holidays, sick-leave, maternity leave, promotion, training, employment termination practices, work-life balance and working conditions that are safe, healthy and non-coercive.

  • Diversity and fair hiring practices. We promote diversity and use hiring practices that are fair, responsible, non-discriminatory, and non-exploitative for our employees, board members and suppliers.

  • Responsible governance. We manage our risks properly, use our economic power responsibly and operate our business in a way that is ethical and legal. We pay all outstanding monies promptly and in full.

  • Fair dealing with customers. We are honest and fair with our customers, competing fairly for their business, respecting their privacy and providing them safe and effective products and services under the conditions we promise.