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Turner Japanesque colours are an extension to the Turner Acryl Gouache range, inspired by Japanese traditional paintings, or 'Nihonga', which are typically executed on Japanese paper or silk. The range includes 69 colours, all of which are opaque, matt acrylic paints with a slightly coarse consistency. This texture is designed to mimic that of the traditional paints, which were made from crushed mineral pigments, shells, corals and even semi-precious stones (like malachite, azurite and cinnabar) in a hide glue binder. Like all of Turner's Arylic gouaches, the Japanesque colours dry quickly to a matte finish. Once dry, they are water-resistant, which means they can be applied in multiple layers without bleeding. When used with mediums, they can be used on almost any surface, including rock, metal, glass, paper, canvas and wood.

This set contains twelve 20ml Turner Acryl Gouache Japanesque Colours:

  • 1 x Japanesque White 301
  • 1 x Japanesque Pale Yellow 310
  • 1 x Japanesque Yellow Red 321
  • 1 x Japanesque Deep Red 324
  • 1 x Japanesque Deep Pink 326
  • 1 x Japanesque Red Brown 327
  • 1 x Japanesque Pale Green 340
  • 1 x Japanesque Beige 332
  • 1 x Japanesque Yellow Green 342
  • 1 x Japanesque Pale Blue 350
  • 1 x Japanesque Dark Blue 353
  • 1 x Japanesque Black Blue 356

pdf=acrylgouache1.pdf Turner Acryl Gouache Colour Chart (Japanesque Colours Marked with a J at the start of their name)

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