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24 colours available in 30 ml

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Acrylic Artist Inks by AV is a range of 24 radiantly clear and brilliant colours, formulated with permanent pigments and acrylic resin. All the colours dry waterproof, allowing immediate overpainting and layering of colours; the inks can be mixed with one another or with other acrylic colours, with acrylic mediums or with water to obtain glazes and washes, or to tint grounds. Colours dry almost immediately with a satin finish.

AV Acrylic Artist Inks can be applied with pens, brushes, rollers or airbrush. Painting tools can be cleaned with water and dried paint can be removed with alcohol.

The inks are available in 30ml glass containers each with an eyedropper in the lid.

To use with Acrylic, Ink
Quality Excellent

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