Colourist : Heat Transfer Paint

Colourist : Heat Transfer Paint

35 colours available in 50 ml

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      Colourist Heat Transfer Paints allow you to create multi-coloured designs without specialist equipment. Using just a domestic iron you can print onto fabric, bags, Tshirts, coasters, placemats, bunting, tiles, jigsaws, Christmas decorations and many other items. You can use different painting techniques such as stamping, cut-outs and stencilling.

      Colourist Heat Transfer Paints should be printed onto 100% synthetic surfaces for the most vibrant, colourfast effects. Use polyester or acrylic for the best results. Mixed fibres can be used - the higher the synthetic content, the stronger the printed colours will be.

      How to use Colourist Heat Transfer Paints

      Apply Colourist Heat Transfer Paints to ordinary paper. You can use brushes, stamps, stencils etc to achieve the effects you want.
      Allow the paint to dry.

      Place the item to be printed face up on a flat surface.
      Place the painted design on the item, painted side down.
      Cover the paper with tissue paper or any thin white paper.
      Heat the iron to the hottest setting.
      Apply the iron to the paper, keeping the iron moving all the time. Keep ironing for at least three minutes. The longer you iron, the deeper the colours become.

      When the printing is complete, lift the iron off and remove the paper to reveal the printed item.
      Once printed Colourist designs are colourfast and washable.

      * The paints can be applied to ordinary copy paper and all sorts of paper types. Textured paper can be used and the texture will show in the finished print.

      * The drying time varies depending on the amount of paint used. You can use a hair dryer or heat gun to speed up the drying time.

      * You can use a steam iron or a dry iron to tranfer your design. On a steam iron turn off the steam setting. The transfer process can also be achieved using a heat press.

      * Always keep the iron moving during the transfer process to avoid marks made by the steam holes in the plate of the iron.

      * Ensure that you move the iron over the whole design to achieve the best results. You can iron for several minutes depending on the item you are printing. You can lift the iron off and reapply several times if necessary. Lift the corner of the painted design to check the transfer. If the the design is still pale, iron for longer.

      * Be careful to make sure that the painted design does not move during the ironing process. You can anchor the design in position using heat proof tape.

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