Da Vinci : MANOLINO Ergonomic Wooden Brushes : 323 / 324

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Da Vinci Manolino brushes have been designed especially for very small children but also elderly or handicapped grown-ups who have problems with the coordination of their fingers. By its uncomplicated but sure handling their imaginative creativity can freely flow onto the paper. The highly elastic, nearly indestructible synthetic fibre qualifies this brush as the very tool for every kind of therapy painting. The brushes will not loose hair and will keep their shape also with extensive use. The ergonomic handle has been flattened on one side, therefore it does not roll away.

Da Vinci Junior, Manolino & Primo Brushes for School and Craft | Jackson's Art Supplies

To use with Acrylic, Watercolour, Gouache, Ink
Brush : Hair Type Extra Synthetic
Brush : Stiffness Medium
Brush : Technique General
Quality Excellent
Vegan Yes
Brush : Hair Type Synthetic
Brush : Handle Short

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