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Daniel Smith Masking Fluid is easy to use with the bottle applicator, the included 5, fine-point applicator tips or with an inexpensive brush. Masking Fluid makes an impervious barrier to protect your watercolour paper and preserve the white areas by blocking watercolour washes from flowing into areas you don’t want leaving crisp, clean edges.

Applies as an off-white colour and dries to a transparent caramel colour so that you can see it while working, and still be unobtrusive while working on your painting.

Easy to remove when Masking Fluid has dried with a rubber cement pick-up or even with your clean fingers. Be careful though, about leaving oils from your fingers when rubbing off the dried Masking Fluid, oils from your fingers can interfere with new applications of watercolour.

Once the Masking Fluid had been removed, either keep the white areas white or add fresh watercolour onto the preserved white area to retain maximum watercolour luminosity.

Weight 0.0770
To use with Watercolour
Quality Excellent
Size : ml 30 ml
Review by Feefo
Great product, may order some of their watercolours to try (Posted on 15/07/2016)
Review by Feefo
Not used much yet but several projects in the pipeline. (Posted on 26/11/2014)
Review by Feefo
I have only used this once and it was very difficult to remove. I left it on for a week so maybe that was too long. The applicators were very fine and easy to use. (Posted on 19/11/2014)

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