Daniel Smith : Extra Fine Gouache


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A richly saturated, highly pigmented, and opaque water-based paint that dries to a beautiful matt finish. The range includes 41 single pigment colours.

  • 74 colours available
  • Professional quality
  • Made with gum arabic and pure pigments
  • Exceptional lightfastness and pure, natural opacity
  • Made in the US
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Made with the same high quality pigments as their watercolours, Daniel Smith Extra Fine Gouache is a specially formulated water-based paint that yields a beautiful matt finish. It has high opacity as a result of higher pigment loads, rather than by adding whites or other fillers.

As a masstone straight from the tube, you’ll get rich, dense solids. Use mark making tools to scrape into it or build up light texture with brush strokes. You can soften colours smoothly with water to create light washes and hazy layers.

Available in 15ml tubes, the range includes 74 richly saturated colours - 41 of which are single pigment formulations. With exceptional lightfastness and pure, natural opacity, Daniel Smith gouache rewets, dilutes, and cleans up easily with water.


Product CodeP-DSEFG
To Use WithWatercolour, Gouache
Country of ManufactureUnited States
Colour LightfastRefer to single colours


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