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PrimaTek Watercolors mix beautifully with other paints on your palette and bring excitement to the surface of a painting. They are heavier in body and settle into the valleys of your paper leaving behind wonderful granulation and texture. The pigments were carefully selected to give you a wide range of colours and textures.

This set contains the following colours in 5ml tubes:

Rhodonite Genuine (5ml)
Made from jewellery-quality stone, this versatile rose pink is wonderful for portraits and landscapes. Used wet into wet, it creates a soft, transparent glow, without granulation. At full value, it is more intense but still transparent, low-staining and non granulating. Excellent transparency and lightfastness.

Jadeite Genuine (5ml)
This exceptionally beautiful PrimaTek colours is made from the more strongly coloured of the two minerals known as jade – the other is Nephrite. Used for centuries in China and Central America, this gemstone now becomes a spectacular artist's colour. Its lustre is viterous. From deep, dark-green mass tone to the palest wash, it creates exquisite shades. Excellent lightfastness, semi-transparent, granulating and non-staining.

Amethyst Genuine (5ml)
Amethyst Genuine is a rich, true purple – it's almost black in masstone and capable of infinite gradation. Although it is a granulating colour, it can also make lovely clear washes. Excellent lightfastness, semi-transparent, low-staining.

Mayan Blue Genuine (5ml)
Long ago, this colour adorned the murals and sculptures of the Mayan people and was featured in their rites and rituals. Despite exposure to severe heat and humidity, the colour hardly faded. Now, using methods derived from ancient Mayan chemistry, this unique, metal-free pigment has been recreated using an eco-friendly process. It is a versatile and durable hue. Very good lightfastness, transparent, granulating, low-staining.

Hematite Genuine (5ml)
Hematite is ground from a heavy silvery-black mineral rich in iron. In a thick wash, the heavier particles settle, creating bold granulation. In a thin wash, it is a soft, dove grey. Excellent lightfastness, semi-transparent, granulating, low staining.

Piemontite Genuine (5ml)
Ground from a scarlet-streaked mineral from the hills of Italy, Piemontite Genuine is a rich versatile colour. A deep amethyst is the darkest value of this semi-transparent watercolour; adding water produces lovely violet-brown granulation with a carmine tone. Perfect for adding interest to shadows or painting the mottled surfaces of autumn leaves. Excellent lightfastness, semi-transparent, low-staining, granulating.

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Review by Feefo
Rhey look great although I have not had a chance to try them out yet. (Posted on 25/01/2016)
Review by Feefo
Beautiful paints, all are transparent and granulating. Piedmontese is reddish but has unusual bluish granulation, amethyst has silvery sparkling specks. A gorgeous set - I hope they will increase the number of primatek colours sold in 5ml tubes (especially lapis lazuli and the turquiose, please! (Posted on 23/10/2015)
Review by terence molloy
Stronger than expected. nice colours with good transparency.Worth trying (Posted on 20/08/2015)
Review by Feefo
ditto (Posted on 13/06/2015)
Review by Feefo
I have just one word for the colour. Joyfull. (Posted on 03/06/2015)

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