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Artists will be excited by the varying effects achievable with the different methods used to apply the Matisse Dry Mediums. They provide magnificent textural effects and will surprise artists and viewers alike.

The acicular particle shape of Wollastonite lends itself to creating texture from ready-made paints such as Matisse background for pastels or mixing with Polymer Gloss Varnish, to create areas of texture on a canvas or painting. Mix up to 20-50% Wollastonite to gesso paint to create a superb textured surface for pastels and charcoal. Wollastonite produces a more uneven texture than Ground Quartz, therefore giving a great ground for harder pastels (use Ground Quartz for soft pastels). Wollastonite is ideal for acrylic paints due to its alkaline properties. Add varnishes and mediums to create texture in paintings on canvas.

Read more about this medium in this Jackson's Art blog post.

Weight 0.0560
To use with Oil, Acrylic
Quality Excellent
Size : ml 40 ml

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