EC Lyons : Rocker Weight for Mezzotint Etching


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Rockers are used to prepare metal plates for mezzotints. By repeatedly working the tool over the surface of the plate in a rocking motion, the printmaker can create a smooth carpet of burrs, which will hold ink and show up as a dark area when the plate is printed. This rough surface can then be smoothed with a scraper or burnisher, which will lighten the print in those areas.

EC Lyons Rocker Weights are used to weigh rockers down. This makes the process of preparing a plate for mezzotint significantly easier, since it is not neccessary to push the rocker down onto the plate.

These weights come with screws to attach them to a Lyons rocker. They weigh 1.38lbs

Weight 0.4500
To use with Printmaking
Quality Excellent

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