Eli-Glow : Photoluminescent Pigment Powder : 100g

Eli-Glow : Photoluminescent Pigment Powder : 100g

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Eli-Glow Photoluminescent Pigments will release light for up to 8 hours in darkness and 'charge up' after only 30 minutes exposure to daylight. By day the powder crystals absorb UV light and after dark they release energy in the form of a long-lasting ambient glow. The technology behind the Eli-Glow pigments shows no sign of any reduction in the ability to rejuvenate daily. The long-lasting glow offers functional and decorative solutions, ranging from workplace and road safety to visual applications, art, sculpture and interior/exterior design. Eli-Glow is harmless, non-toxic, non-radioactive and non-hazardous.

The pigments will recharge themselves an infinite number of times and will last indefinitely. The pigments absorb radiant U.V energy from sunlight (or indoor lighting) and convert it into longer wavelengths in the visible spectrum, thereby emitting it as light with the sensation of colours. By day the pigment is a pale straw-coloured substance. When mixed in a ratio of 10-20% with a binder it becomes invisible and will not affect the optical clarity of your coating.

How do I use Eli-Glow?

Pigment powder

Mix the powder into any non-waterbased binder (Eli Glow TotalCast Resin., PVA glues, clear varnishes, acrylic paints, oil paints, enamel paints, solvent-based paints, concrete sealers, inks etc.)

The binder needs to be clear/transparent or light in colour so as to allow the passage of U.V light to activate the Eli-Glow crystals.

Mix 10-20% powder into your binder to achieve a general glow colour across the finished article. Alternatively the powder can be sprinkled/scattered in some areas to highlight in a line, spot or even trace a curved section.

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To use with Mixed Media, Resin
Quality Excellent
Weight : gm 100 g
Quantity : Pack Single

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