Faber-Castell : Series 9000 Jumbo Pencil Sets

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Faber-Castell : Series 9000 : Jumbo Graphite Pencil : Tin Set of 5
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Faber-Castell : Series 9000 : Graphite Pencil : Tin Set of 6
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Faber-Castell : Castell 9000 : Pencils : Design Set of 12
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Faber Castell 9000 Jumbo Pencils are the ultimate range of black lead pencils. A unique SV bonding technique gives unrivalled breaking resistance. The leads are superior smooth graphite. The Series 9000 Jumbo pencils are especially good for bold work on a large scale. The lead of the pencil is 5.25mm in diameter; the overall diameter is 9.25mm.

All Faber-Castell pencils, pens and erasers use inorganic and synthetic materials or materials of plant origin. Faber-Castell have not initiated any animal testing on products or materials for 22 years, and do not use casein glue in packaging.


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(1 review)


I got these for quick sketches on the go and for preparatory drawings. The lightweight metal tin makes it convenient to transport them, without fear of the leads shattering. This set would also be a good choice for those who are less dexterous and find it hard to hold the regular 9000 pencils; the barrel is nice and chunky, so it allows for greater control. Faber Castell have been around since the 1700’s, so they must be the real deal, to have stood the test of time - that’s my thinking, anyway, and they have not disappointed. The pencils are sturdy and the reason I especially like the jumbo ones is because of the range of marks you can achieve. They can be used on the side of the lead to shade large areas, as well as being sharpened to a fine point. The 8B is my favourite; you can deposit a load of graphite on the paper and achieve really dark, elemental marks. The graphite can be smudged and blended with a paper stump or your finger or rubber, allowing you to create depth in your work. They are just really fun to use and I would recommend them for any sketcher.


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