Gamblin : Linseed & Poppy Oils

Gamblin : Linseed & Poppy Oils

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Gamblin Traditional Oil Mediums from Refined, Cold Pressed and Stand Linseed Oils to Poppy Oil.

Linseed Oil - Refined (low acid)
Pressed from American flax seeds. This is as light and pure as industrially produced linseed oil can be made. Use in moderation to thin oil colours or as an ingredient in traditional painting mediums.

Linseed Oil - Cold Pressed
Produced from pressing of flax seeds without using heat or chemicals of any kind. Increases tendency of oil paints to yellow over time when used to thin oil colours.

Linseed - Refined Stand Oil
Vacuum bodied linseed oil

Poppy Oil
Poppy oil's slow drying time may be useful for painters using "wet into wet" techniques. Adding 10% by volume poppy oil slows down the drying time of Gamblin Galkyd Painting Mediums.

To use with Oil
Quality Exceptional

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