Gamblin : Solvent Free Gel Oil Painting Medium : 150ml

Gamblin : Solvent Free Gel Oil Painting Medium : 150ml


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Gamblin Solvent-Free Gel is the only solvent-free painting medium that supports a broad range of painting techniques with minimal compromise.

Solvent-Free Gel gives colours more flow and transparency, yet holds the shape of your brushmark. Solvent-Free Gel has a moderately fast drying rate and increases gloss. Made from safflower oil and alkyd resin, Gamblin Solvent-Free Gel is non-toxic and contains no Gamsol or petroleum distillates.

In comparison to other solvent-free mediums, Gamblin Solvent-Free Gel supports the broadest range of painting techniques with the least compromise across colour, dry time, texture and mark-making. To ensure proper drying of paint layers, Solvent-Free Gel should be used in moderation with oil colours. No more than 25% by volume. To avoid wrinkling, apply mixtures of Solvent-Free Gel and oil colors thinly.

Like linseed oil and walnut oil, Gamblin Solvent-Free Gel can effectively clean brushes during your painting session. For clean-up after painting, we recommend Gamsol and/or soap and water.

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To use with Oil
Quality Exceptional
Size : ml 150 ml
Review by Feefo
I really like the Gamblin Gel Medium after discovering it from an online artist I follow. I do feel it is quite expensive though, not sure how long the tube is going to last compared to my usual liquid medium for oils. (Posted on 18/04/2017)
Review by Feefo
Expensive but so far proving to be a useful tool. I need to experiment further for an in depth review. (Posted on 16/03/2017)
Review by JESSE W.
Gamblin Solvent Free Gel Oil Painting Medium is a beautiful replacement for Liquin. I love the way Liquin Original levels out when I use a large brush for background painting. And I like the sheen of Liquin. But after I've been using Liquin for a while I have an ache in my heart. It hasn't affected me in any other way - no breathing or skin problems like I've had with mineral spirits and turpentine. I still use Liquin for backgrounds because it's cheaper than Gamblin Solvent Free Gel Oil Painting Medium - but I use a gas mask and have really strong ventilation going while I do.

I hate having to wear a mask so Gamblin Solvent Free Gel Oil Painting Medium is perfect. It has a similar consistency to Liquin Original, but zero harmful ingredients and no fumes whatsoever. In fact it smells quite good - a little sweet and actually appetizing. It mixes readily with paint. It spreads nicely, but maybe a little stickier than Liquin Original. But it's a joy to use and a relief from toxic substances.

My only complaint is that it is considerably more expensive than Liquin, and doesn't come in any money-saving large containers. I would like to buy 2.5 litre containers like I can with Liquin - which save a lot of money. (Posted on 05/02/2017)
Review by Feefo
Excellent product, thank you (Posted on 29/12/2016)

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