Belle Arti : Gesso Panel : Multi-Ply Poplar Wood Base : 50x60cm

Belle Arti : Gesso Panel : Multi-Ply Poplar Wood Base : 50x60cm


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Belle Arti Gesso panels are handmade in Italy, and suitable for a wide variety of techniques including oil, acrylic, pencil, watercolour and ink.

The extremely stable 8mm thick poplar plywood base is finished with a very smooth, absorbent acrylic gesso surface. The fine surface is ideal for detailed work.

They are very absorbent so you may wish to use extra oil if using oil paint. May not be absorbent enough for use with egg tempera which usually needs genuine gesso (made with rabbit skin glue and whiting). If the surface isn't absorbent enough the egg tempera paint may lift off the first layer when you apply a second glaze.

Also available in boxes of 10 with an extra discount.
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Weight 1.7770
Quantity : Pack Single
Surface : Size for Parent 50 x 60 cm
Size : Metric : CM 50 x 60 cm
Surface : Colour White
Surface : Depth 4.0 mm
Surface : Aspect Rectangular
Surface Type Board / Panel
Surface : Texture Smooth
Canvas : Substrate Wooden
Canvas : Priming Gesso
To use with Oil, Acrylic
Quality Excellent
Review by Feefo
wonderful (Posted on 16/03/2017)
Review by Feefo
Good surface.Affordable price (Posted on 16/03/2017)
Review by Paul
This surface drinks oil. I tone down the white with a bit of Venetian red and plenty of boiled linseed oil to seal it - the oil gets absorbed almost completely. I let it stand and the oil oxidises for a couple of weeks to a month before I do anything with it - the solid, oxidised oil layer makes an impermiable layer that can be painted on normally then, just like a toned-down canvas.

One thing to consider with a surface as flat as these (and they are very flat, specially when compared to even a fine canvas) is that they don't hold much paint so you will need softer brushes than you normally use for painting on canvas.

However, comparing it with canvas: the surface does not spring at all so fine detail is far easier to paint; the surface is very flat so again, applying fine detail (sub-millimetric detail) is not hindered by the 'ploughed field' of a canvas surface; and, applying washes is easier, again, because you haven't got 'furrows' to fill (which then, on canvas, act as traps, causing unevenness in tone).

I would advise anybody thinking about using a panel like these to get a small (maybe 20x30cm), good quality canvas and an equally sized gessoed panel then, paint exactly the same painting on the two, at the same time, in order to campare the two.

The only disadvantage of panels that I can see is that when you start to get large, you start to get heavy. Fortunately, Jackson's gives you the weight so you can compare.

Having done the direct comparison test myself, I can only recommend these. (Posted on 20/02/2016)
Review by Feefo
I absolutely love the gesso panels. They are so versatile. I can paint, draw with pens

pencils and manipulate my work to gain the required effect. My favourite product to paint on. (Posted on 17/07/2015)

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