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Aluminium panels make even, rigid and lightweight painting surfaces. They offer a great value with a stable, conservation-quality support. Unlike canvases (with wooden stretcher bars) or wooden panels, aluminium panels are artwork supports that will not release gases over time and will barely react to changes in humidity and temperature. The conservation benefits and archival properties of the metal mean that aluminium art panels can easily be stored in damp studios where traditional painting surfaces would warp. They are also lightweight, which makes them ideal for large artworks which may need to be transported.

The Jackson's 3mm aluminium panel is an anodised aluminium surface, which is widely considered the best process for preparation of an aluminium surface for the application of paint. There is no residue from the process as it is a change to the structure of the aluminium face, above and below the surface. The process modifies the surface by creating aluminium oxide, an extremely hard, porous surface that allows fantastic adhesion of paints. It is also possible for artists to leave areas of the aluminium panels exposed, as the material won’t tarnish due to its resistance to further oxidation.

The panels present a smooth, grey, satin finish; priming is not necessary but they can easily be primed with any of the Jackson’s primers should a different colour be preferred. The very fine, regular, porous surface suits fluid paint best as it can get into the small pores. But the paint still needs plenty of binder so it will cure to a durable paint surface. After complete drying and curing both acrylic and oil colours are permanently bonded to the surface. If you wish to use thicker paint you can gesso the surface with a fluid gesso that penetrates the pores and then paint on top of that. The gesso will be permanently bonded to the surface.

Jackson’s Aluminium Panels are the perfect solution for those who like to paint on ultra smooth, hard surfaces. The smooth panel means that paint can be spread easily and that brushes never need to be scrubbed into the surface. Suitable for use with all types of painting media, including oil, acrylic, watercolour, gouache and ink.

Please Note : These 3mm aluminium panels have an industrial finish and as a result often have slight marks, light scratches or imperfections. Keep in mind that either side of the panel can be used and priming may be necessary for a perfectly smooth base to work on.

Surface : Colour Grey
Surface Type Board / Panel
Surface : Texture Smooth
Canvas : Substrate Aluminium
Canvas : Priming Unprimed
To use with Oil, Acrylic
Quality Exceptional

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