Jackson's : Artist Oil Paint : 60ml : Cadmium Yellow Genuine


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We are very happy to present our very own range of artist oil colour. Made in the UK to the very highest standards, our range of artists oil colour offers unbeatable value for money without compromising quality. A combination of the finest modern pigments and refined linseed oils mean that these paints are permanent and lightfast. These paints offer vibrant colour with a buttery consistency, they mix well with other oil colours and surpass many leading brands in their performance and affordability.

SKU OJ60013
Weight 0.1420
To use with Oil
Quality Excellent
Price Series 3
Size : ml 60 ml
Binder Linseed
Pigment Index PY35
Review by Feefo
Nice and bright colour. (Posted on 03/11/2015)
Review by Justin Heath
Good deep mid cadmium yellow, to be absolutely honest, (I,ve tried nearly al the various brands and ground my own) it seeems to me the big difference is not in the cadmiums but in the earth colors, eg try Blockx Venitian Red and compare it to other equivalent colors by different brands and see what I mean. Thing to do is oil the stuff out, get some plain white cartrige paper, spread the paint over it and let the exess linseed oil soak into the paper. Then get an empty tube, (there real cheap) and put the thickened paint back in. Bingo, you've got cadmium yellow at a geniune bargain price, what more do you want? (Posted on 20/08/2015)

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