Jackson's : Clutch Pencil Leadholder : 5.6mm


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This Jackson's Clutch Pencil Leadholder is designed for use with 5.6mm pencil leads (of any brand), and is suitable for technical drawing, sketching and general use. Every artist should have one in their studio.

The barrel is 15.4cm long and is approximately 1.2cm in diameter, slightly wider than a regular clutch pencil. If the button at the top of the barrel is pressed down, the clutch will release its grip on the lead. The lead can then be extended, sharpened or replaced.

Please be aware that this clutch pencil does not come with a lead, though packs of 2B leads, 4B leads, 6B leads and 8B leads are available at a modest price. This clutch pencil will fit leads of 5.6mm in diameter made by any brand. At the top of the barrel, just below the button, this clutch pencil bears an adjustable scale which can be used to designate the grade of lead you are currently using: 2B, 4B, 6B or 8B.

Weight 0.0770
Lead Diameter 5.6 mm
Quantity : Pack Single
To use with Pencil & Drawing
Quality Excellent

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