Jackson's : Oil & Acrylic Brush Shape Comparison Set : Set of 4 Procryl Brushes


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Designed for oil and acrylic painters, these brushes are made with acrylic fibres and a long matte black handle. They are moderately springy and absorbent. They soften a bit after repeated cleaning with solvents. 

This comparison set contains the following shapes of Jackson's Procryl Brush:

1 x No.6 Bright Jacksons Procryl Brush

1 x No. 6 Long Flat Jacksons Procryl Brush

1 x No. 6 Filbert Jacksons Procryl Brush

1 x No. 6 Round Jacksons Procryl Brush  

Please note that these synthetic brushes do not contain any animal products, either in the varnish, bristles, paint or glue.

Weight 0.0480
To use with Oil, Acrylic
Brush : Stiffness Medium
Brush : Technique General
Brush : Size # # 6
Quality Exceptional
Sets & Packs Set
Brush : Handle Long

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