Jackson's : Oil & Acrylic Brush Shape Comparison Set : Set of 4 Procryl Brushes


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Designed for oil and acrylic painters, these brushes are made with acrylic fibres and a long matte black handle. They are moderately springy and absorbent. They soften a bit after repeated cleaning with solvents. 

This comparison set contains the following shapes of Jackson's Procryl Brush:.

1 x No.6 Bright Jacksons Procryl Brush

1 x No. 6 Long Flat Jacksons Procryl Brush

1 x No. 6 Filbert Jacksons Procryl Brush

1 x No. 6 Round Jacksons Procryl Brush  


Weight 0.0480
To use with Oil, Acrylic
Brush : Stiffness Medium
Brush : Technique General
Brush : Size # # 6
Quality Exceptional
Sets & Packs Set
Brush : Handle Long

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