Jackson's : Oil Varnishes : Picture Varnishes

Jackson's : Oil Varnishes : Picture Varnishes

Available in 500 ml & 1000 ml. (Matt & Gloss)

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Jacksons Oil Medium : Picture Varnish Gloss.
Almost colourless liquid which dries quickly to a clear non-yellowing non-blooming high gloss film. This product is made of acrylic resin, stand linseed oil, mineral spirit.
Use white spirit for cleaning brushes

Jacksons Oil Medium : Picture Varnish Matt.
A removable picture varnish that gives tough protection without gloss. A satin varnish can be made by mixing with gloss varnish.
The Picture Varnish Matt is a solvent based product and is ideal for use on oil based mediums, not water based. When using acrylics or water colour paints you should use a spray varnish so as to not disturb the paint underneath with abrasive brush stokes.
Other points to consider are; the drying time of the paint. The paint must be thoroughly dry before applying any varnish otherwise water and air particles become trapped between the painting and the varnish and create a whitish sheen. It is also very important to mix the varnish extremely well by shaking the tin thoroughly and leaving it to stand for several minutes so that all the bubbles settle resulting in an opaque fluid ready to apply.

To use with Oil
Quality Excellent
Hazardous UN Number UN1263
Hazardous Type Dangerous for the Environment or Aquatic Life

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