Koh-I-Noor : Gioconda : Sketching Tin Set of 24 : Black and Sepia Tones


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A selection of must have artist's sketching materials, from graphite and charcoal, to chalk and pencils. Each set includes a kneadable eraser and a stump. These Koh-I-Noor sketching sets are available in both sepia and grey tones. They make perfect sets for life drawing and plein air work. The sketching materials are housed in sturdy metal tins, making them both transportable and lightweight.

Contents Include:

1 x Kneadable Eraser

3 x Gioconda Aquarelle Pencils

1 x 2B

1 x 4B

1 x 6B

8 x Gioconda Pencils

1 x White Chalk

1 x Red Chalk

1 x Sepia Light

1 x Sepia Dark

1 x Negro Soft

1 x Negro Medium

1 x Negro Hard

1 x Charcoal

3 x Graphite Blocks

1 x 2B

1 x 4B

1 x 6B

1 x Paper Stump

4 x Drawing Chalk Blocks

1 x White

1 x Sepia

1 x Sepia Light

1 x Sepia Dark

3 x Black Drawing Chalks

1 x Soft

1 x Medium

1 x Hard

1 x Artificial Charcoal

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To use with Pencil & Drawing
Quality Excellent
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