Koh-I-Noor : Toison d'Or : Soft Pastels : Set of 120 : Wooden Case

Koh-I-Noor : Toison d'Or : Soft Pastels : Set of 120 : Wooden Case


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Toison D'Or Soft Pastels are made from some of the world's finest pigments. These cylindrical pastels are created with minimal binders and their extra soft texture means that they distribute colour well. The pastels can be blended or mixed with one another easily. Toison D'Or pastels come paper-wrapped and cushioned in a foam insert.

The use of a final fixative is highly recommended.

Contents Include:

120 x Koh-I-Noor :Toison D'Or Soft Pastels

1 x White, 1 x Titanium White, 1 x Yellowish Flesh, 1 x Light Flesh, 1 x Medium Flesh, 1 x Flesh, 1 x Flesh Colour Dark, 1 x Reddish Flesh, 1 x Lemon Yellow, 1 x Cadium Yellow, 1 x Cadmium Lemon Yellow, 1 x Olive Ochre Light, 1 x Light Naples Yellow, 1 x Zinc Yellow, 1 x Chrome Yellow Light, 1 x Naples Yellow, 1 x Chrome Yellow, 1 x Cadmium Orange Light, 1 x Indian Yellow, 1 x Cadmium Orange, 1 x Light Orange, 1 x Dark Orange, 1 Cadmium Orange Dark, 1 x Light Vermillion Dark, 1 x Red Vermillion Dark, 1 x Pale Vermillion, 1 x Old Rose, 1 x Red Vermillion, 1 x Cadmium Red Light, 1 x Scarlet Red Light, 1 x Scarlet Red, 1 x Scarlet Red Dark, 1 x English Red Deep, 1 x Light Rose, 1 x Rose, 1 x Carmine, 1 x Dark Carmine, 1 x Light Carmine, 1 x Rose Kraplak, 1 x Purple Carmine, 1 x Purple Violet Light, 1 x Purple, 1 x Purple Brown, 1 x Purple Violet, 1 x Red Violet Dark, 1 x Magenta Dark, 1 x Deep Kraplak 1 x Reddish Violet, 1 x Bluish Violet, 1 x Bluish Violet Dark, 1 x Violet, 1 x Ice Blue, 1 x Berlin Blue, 1 x Azure Blue, 1 x Ultramarine Light, 1 x Cobalt Blue, 1 x Cyan, 1 x Medium Ultramarine, 1 x True Blue, 1 x French Ultramarine, 1 x Ultramarine Dark, 1 x Jeans Blue, 1 x Coblat Blue Dark, 1 x Deft Blue, 1 x Prussian Blue, 1 x Cobalt Blue Green, 1 x Paris Blue, 1 x Light Turquoise Blue, 1 x Sky Turquoise, 1 x Cobalt Turquiose, 1 x Turquiose Blue, 1 x Turquoise Blue Dark, 1 x Cobalt Green, 1 x Cobalt Green Deep, 1 x Yellow Green, 1 x Permanent Green Light, 1 x May Green, 1 x Permanent Green, 1 x True Green, 1 x Emerald Green, 1 x Chromium Oxide Flame, 1 x Grass Green, 1 x Hooker's Green, 1 x Chromium Oxide Green, 1 x Permanent Green DarK, 1 X Olive Green, 1 x Olive Green Light, 1 x Olive Green Dark, 1 x Light Ochre, 1 x Ochre, 1 x Sienna Natural, 1 x Gold Ochre, 1 x Burnt Sienna, 1 x English Red, 1 x Indian Red, 1 x Sienna, 1 x Red Brown, 1 x English Brown, 1 x Fawn, 1 x Natural Umber, 1 x Caput Mortuum Light, 1 x Van Gogh Brown, 1 x Van Dyke Brown, 1 x Burnt Umberm 1 x Light Grey, 1 x Pearl Grey, 1 x Silver Grey, 1 x Bluish Grey Dark, 1 x Pigeon Grey, 1 x Platine Grey, 1 x Bluish Grey, 1 x Mouse Grey, 1 x Slate Grey, 1 x Grey Metal, 1 x Black Green, 1 x Black Brown, 1 x Ivory Black, 1 x Silver, 1 x Gold

1 x Wooden Case

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Weight 3.2000
Pastel : Stick Size Regular
To use with Pastel
Quality Good
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