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  • 89 colours available
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Liquitex Soft Body Artist Acrylic Paint is an extremely versatile artist-grade acrylic paint with a concentrated pigment load producing intense, pure colour. The creamy smooth, pre-filtered consistency ensures good coverage, even-levelling and superb results in a variety of applications and techniques.

  • High pigment load
  • Smooth and creamy
  • Excellent coverage
  • A broad spectrum of colours available
  • Safe for educational use


Product CodeP-ALQS
To Use WithAcrylic
Colour LightfastRefer to single colours


(6 reviews)


I like all colours from Liquitex . It is easy to use , much easier to spread then cheaper brands. I ordered few colours more to make painting. Definitely come back for more.



Unbleached Titanium is a great colour whenever you want a warmer off-white. Ignore the colour shown on the website - it's paler and more beige in real life. If you are painting a low-light scene, it would be a great choice for highlights; pale, but not as stark as pure white. Why do I like the Liquitex version? Because it’s warmer than most of the alternatives. That means it’s great for mixing and lightening colours. When adding white to a colour the resulting tints can look quite cold, especially when added to the browns. Adding Unbleached Titanium instead makes the browns lighter whilst retaining the warmth and richness. Try mixing Unbleached Titanium with crimsons and the result is soft, subtle peachy pinks. Deep turquoise becomes soft teal. Mix with blues and the results are subtle greys or more muted blues than are achievable by adding white. Like other colours by Liquitex, Unbleached Titanium is available in different compatible formats – Heavy Body, Soft Body, Acrylic Gouache, Acrylic Marker and Professional Spray Paint. The only type not to feature it is Acrylic Ink. I found there was a good colour match between the different formats, except the spray was noticeably paler than the others. All in all, it’s a thoroughly useful colour to keep in your paintbox and one that I can wholeheartedly recommend.



Easily my favourite blue, from Liquitex. Excellent !



Its oK, what I expected.



Quality paint, new packaging is spot on.



Very useful colour when painting portraits.


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