Lukas : Cryl Studio Acrylic Paint

Lukas : Cryl Studio Acrylic Paint

27 colours available in 75 ml & 250 ml and 25 colours available in 500 ml

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      Since 1862, Dr. Fr. Schoenfeld and LUKAS have been a sign of top quality artist’s colours. Even Vincent van Gogh, as can be proved, has used the products of the Lukas house - the well known master ordered the popular colour extra from Düsseldorf. Up to the current day numerous artists all over the world trust the over 150-year-old tradition of Lukas. We also do not breach this trust in the modern area 
      of acrylic painting, in which the company LUKAS has a pioneer role. As one of the first manufacturers of artists’s colours on the European continent, in 1964 LUKAS offered an acrylic colour to satisfy the demand from artists for a modern, water-mixable, quick drying artist colour: LUKAS CRYL.

      With LUKAS CRYL STUDIO fine artists’ acrylic colour Lukas offer the beginner and the user of large quantities a remarkable low price, but still high quality alternative. This acrylic colour was developed after the newest knowledge of the pigment and binding agent researches. Only high quality artists’ pigments in a high-elastic acrylate are used.

      Good covering power is ensured through a high concentration of valuable pigments, significantly higher 
      than typical economic colours. The pigments used guarantee excellent levels of lightfastness. No colour has a lower light fastness than 6-7 on the internationally standardised 8-step wool scale (Exceptions are the Fluorescent and Glow in the Dark colour, technical conditioned). The exclusive use of high quality acrylates as a binder guarantees an excellent absortion on a great variety of surfaces such as cardboard, canvas, plastics, glass, as well as high elasticity and tensile strength. This enables a work in thick layers without the risk of cracking. The colour has a medium consistency to allow the most variable application, from an easy, extensive colour application up to a slight structure. The average drying time is 20 minutes with a brush stroke thickness of 100 µm.

      One of the greatest advantages of these colours is the 
      remarkably low price compared to the paints intensity and covering power, particularly when being used 
      in large volume.

      LUKAS CRYL STUDIO should never be exposed to frost and should not be used by temperatures under 15°C as otherwise the colour has no stable colour-film and the risk of cracking may arise. Every acrylic binder is an acrylic resin dispersion which appears milky in wet state. After drying the colours brighten up and the brilliance will be intensified. Due to the quick drying process, all painting tools such as brushes, palettes, etc should be cleaned with water immediately after use. Once the colour is dry, it can not be removed. This is especially important for stains on garments, carpets, furniture, etc.

      Colours: Initially Lukas recommend the following colour shades: Titanium White, Lemon Yellow, Magenta 
      Red, Cyan Blue, Yellow Ochre light and Iron Oxide Black.
      Brushes: Brushes are important tools for the artists. They influence the artist’s technique. A good quality brush is of great importance. For a painting with a regular thick colour application we suggest 
      using a bristle brush. This will result in clearly visible brush strokes.

      Painting Techniques
      Application in a water-colour type: such as in the wet-in-wet technique, as well as in the classic water-colour technique on dry paper. The colour has to be diluted with plenty of water.
      Application in a normal covering type: in the style of Gouache or Tempera painting in which covering 
      colour surfaces are set side by side. Lightening of the colours by addition of White.

      Quantity : Pack Single
      To use with Acrylic
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