Michael Harding : Oil Colour : 2.5 Litre Can Titanium White No.1 safflower oil


By road only : Hazardous product subject to transport restrictions.

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PW 6 Titanium Dioxide. PW4 Zinc Oxide. Very slow Dryer, Very Opaque, Excellent Lightfastness, High Tint Power, Non-toxic. Bound with with Safflower oil. Safflower oil dries to a robust film, which means that this paint can be overpainted with a low risk of later cracking. It yellows comparably less to linseed oil, and handles in a similar way. This is the most brilliant non-toxic White in the range, suitable for cool, opaque light hues.

SKU OMH2500101
Weight 7.4970
To use with Oil
Quality Exceptional
Price Series 1
Hazardous Type Liquid + 1000 ml
Size : ml 2500 ml
Binder Safflower
Pigment Index PW4, PW6

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