Michael Harding : Oil Paint : 40ml : Cobalt Green Deep


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PG50. Average Drying. Semi-Opaque. Excellent Lightfastness. Average Oil Content. A Cobalt Titanate compound made into a spinel by being cooked at high temperature. An unintense blue green which nevertheless is valuable in influencing low hues and blacks. Little tint power in higher keyed mixes.

SKU OMH40508
Weight 0.0750
Brand Michael Harding
Sub Brand Michael Harding : Oil Colour
Colour : Type Cobalt
Colour : Group Green
To use with Oil
Quality Exceptional
Price Series 5
Size : ml 40 ml
Review by Alison Partridge
Another Michael Harding oil colour with beautiful properties. As the steadfast mixing green of my palette, this colour yields stunning landscape greens when modified by the earth pigments and blues - from muted blue-green to Oxide of Chromium. When added to Titanium White (with a little Zinc White to retain its coolness) and a warm blue, such as Ultramarine, this green is great for modelling clouds in cool, greyish skies. With the same warm blue and a reddish earth, Cobalt Green Deep offers a range of versatile shades that are ideal for rendering the shadows in landscapes. I will now explore its uses in portrait painting, as a complementary of flesh hues; this green might prove to be a good replacement, albeit a cooler and more opaque one, for the usual Terre Verte as it has a higher tint power. I was initially tempted by the cheaper Phthalo Green Lake of the same range, but I'm pleased that I chose to pay the extra for this subtler and more traditional pigment. (Posted on 20/08/2015)

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