Mijello : Mission Gold : Watercolour Paint : 15ml : Crimson Lake

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  • Made by hand with carefully selected pigments, mediums and dispersants
  • Consistent colour, strength and viscosity
  • Disperses quickly and evenly in water


Colour: Crimson Lake

Pigment Index: PR202
Transparency: Transparent
Lightfastness: Excellent
Binder: 7 different natural, water-soluble agents, including: honey, guar gum, gum arabic, and sorbitol.
Staining: Non-Staining

Mijello Mission Gold Watercolours are a high-quality range of watercolours which have been designed with the help of professional artists.

The colours are rich, pure, and have been designed to mirror the natural tones from nature’s palette. These watercolours are handmade by first mixing pigments with mediums and dispersants. The concentration of the pure pigment means a little colour goes a long way and there is very little colour shift from wet to dry. The colours have been formulated for superior lightfastness to better preserve the intensity of your painting. All Mission Gold watercolours are created with safe non-toxic pigments and ingredients.

The range contains 105 colours available in 15ml tubes.


Product CodeWMJ15-514
To Use WithWatercolour
Size15 ml
VeganNon Vegan
Country of ManufactureSouth Korea
Colour NameCrimson Lake
Pigment IndexPR202
StainingNon Staining
Colour LightfastExcellent
Weight (kg)0.022000


(6 reviews)


It's beautiful green, rare hue for watercolors. Kinda chalky though but I guess its not possible to have this effect otherwise.



An almost glowing orange, mission gold's PO73 is capable of very intense mixtures, making it a very nice addition to floral painting palettes; it's also useful for portrait painting.

Cesar Augusto


Being the first nickel-azo yellow I've tested, I'm very happy with it. Highly pigmented, this brand's PY150 is versatile and does really good as a middle yellow, achieving very natural green and orange mixtures.

Cesar Augusto


While the name is certainly misleading, the paint itself is really nice. Being a regular PG7 it behaves as expected, giving a good range of values to play with thanks to its high pigment concentration and tinting strenght, definitely worth the price!

Cesar Augusto


I have read mixed reports about these paints but I think they are great.



This color is absolutely beautiful. It flows well and goes from very dark to very bright as the picture shows.


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