One Shot : Signwriting Enamel : Gloss

available in 189 ml and 236 ml (different colours)

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Alkyd-Resin (oil base) gloss enamels for interior or exterior use on metal, glass, wood, enamel receptive banners and vinyl, vehicle lettering, pinstriping and graphics. 1 Shot Signwriting Enamels have outstanding hiding, durability and fade resistance. Superior flow characteristics assure the virtual absence of brush marks and provide a clean, sharp edge.

     Best applied between 65 F and 85F. Will not dry below 50 F.

Application Method:
     Brush, Roller, Airbrush or Spray

    1 Shot 6000 Series Reducers as needed.

     4001/4002 Tints., 4003 Clear, 4007 Hardener

     Brushes: 4004 Brush Cleaner. Equipment: Mineral spirits.

Quality Exceptional
Hazardous Type Flammable, Health hazard/Hazardous to the ozone

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